Almond [dietitian service] Review & GIVEAWAY!

Hey, there friends!!  Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month?  In honor of this great month, how about we send it out with a bang! – & a GIVEAWAY!!   Sounds good, right?  But first, let me tell you a little bit about an awesome new online dietitian service called Almond!   Since I’m a dietetics student & future RD, I’m ALL ABOUT promoting other great RD’s, especially open minded ones.

150323 - Almond landing page

Almond is all about PERSONAL nutrition coaching!  You get to go to the site, take a short quiz, & are matched to the dietitian that best fits YOUR needs.

150323 - Almond nutrition expert matches 2 Almond’s site is very pleasing to the eye & looks to be really user-friendly, which is a huge plus!  Once you find the RD that matches your goal & specialty you can then schedule an appointment online with them by viewing their calendar.

150323 - Almond nutrition expert calendar

  • Prior to their consultation, users can send notes to their RD such as questions about preparing for the consultation, their health goals, or what they are hoping to get out of their meeting. Their RD can access any health information the user has provided on their account to best prepare for the consultation. This also means that the RD doesn’t have to spend the first part of the consultation getting the user’s background and health info because it’s all on their Almond account already. All their medical information is encrypted with the latest 256-bit algorithms.
  • To meet with their RD, the user simply logs back onto their Almond account and they can join the meeting. The consultations occur via Google’s WebRTC technology, which means their video calls are encrypted and secure too.  Pretty awesome technology – gotta love that!

150323---Almond-video-consultation Users can also track their eating on Almond and their RD can see their food log and provide feedback in between consultations, which is a nice benefit.

A little bit about what makes Almond different…

  1. Easily find an expert: Almond matches you to top dietitians based on your health goal. Whether you want to lose weight, train for a sport, or prevent heart disease, you can easily see the RDs’ experiences and expertise.

  1. Convenient to use: See your RD’s availability, book a consultation, and meet with them online all through Almond’s private and secure platform. You can do this from the comfort of your own home without the hassle of waiting in traffic or at the clinic.

  1. 100% customized plan: No two bodies are the same, and no two nutrition plans should be either. Through 1-on-1 video coaching sessions, your RD gets to know your lifestyle, needs and goals. They create a nutrition plan tailored specifically to you.

  1. Keeps you accountable: In between sessions, your RD reviews your food log and provides feedback. They help you stay on track with the small changes each day that lead to sustainable results.

  2. Much more affordable than traditional options: Compared to meeting with RDs in person which can be $100-$200 per session, Almond is more affordable and convenient without losing the personalized support. All first full consultations on Almond are $60.

I think Almond sounds like a pretty neat service – & being that they are Registered Dietitians – that is the gold standard in nutrition & really the only people qualified to give nutritional advice to aid in medical conditions.  So with Almond, you’re not just getting a “nutritionist”, you’re getting a real RD, which is awesome!

So… what do you think?!  Would you like to win your very own Full Nutrition Consultation (30 mins – $60 value) and try Almond out for yourself?!  Almond has generously agreed to give away 1 Free Full (30-minute) Nutrition Consultation.


Prize details: The winner will receive a free 30-minute video consultation with a dietitian on Almond (regularly $60). In the initial 1:1 video consultation, your dietitian will discuss your health goals, medical history & lifestyle and provide tactical nutrition recommendations that fits your needs. It’s the first step to building a personalized nutrition plan that can include customized meal plans & recipes, supplement recommendations and suggestions for picking out menu items when eating out.

Giveaway will run for one week… ends on Wednesday April 1st, 2015.  Winner will be randomly chosen & notified via email.  Good luck!!

*Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this review in any way.  All opinions are my own.

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Peek at My Plate

Hey there, foodies!  Sorry I missed you all yesterday, but I’m back in the grind & am back in classes after having Spring Break last week – it was a rude awakening!!  BUT, it means that I am that much closer to graduating!!  Anyway… I thought today would be a good day to look at food – well, seriously – what day is NOT a good day to look at food pics?!


Let’s take a look at my delicious low-carb ketogenic eats from yesterday, shall we?


I woke up SO darn tired!!  5:30am just seemed way to early when I couldn’t fall asleep the night before… & I had an 8am quiz right away!  Eeek!  I was in a hurry, so it was Bulletproof (style) coffee to the rescue!  I added 1.5T of MCT oil & 1T of grass-fed butter to it & enjoyed a hard-boiled free-range egg on the side. ;)



One of my classic tupperware-style lunches… I had veggies stir-fried in a T of coconut oil with turmeric, garlic salt, & sea salt with 2 organic grilled grass-fed Applegate beef hot dogs.



I needed an afternoon pick-me-up for my last lecture of the day – Life Cycle Nutrition.  The Monday after Spring Break is rough.  Large coffee to the rescue!


On the drive home late that afternoon I enjoyed some raw macadamia nuts & Pork Clouds - I love the black pepper ones!




I’ve been having some ridiculous cravings for some good ‘ol pizza… but, I really want to keep it clean & grain-free, so I’m so happy that I FINALLY found an amazing low-carb keto friendly pizza recipe!!  I made it last night & it definitely satisfied my craving.  I downed two pieces of it & loved every bite, but it was so filling!  Nice to have a pizza where I didn’t feel that I needed to eat the whole thing.  The pizza I made is off the FatHead site.  I enjoyed it with a small romaine salad with homemade paleo ranch dressing.


I had to go back for a second piece… too yummy to only have one!  As you can see, I put a nice dent in it!


Well, there ya have it… a day of low-carb, high fat, delicious eats – & I loved every sip & every bite!! :)


My macros for the day… gotta love that healthy fat!

• Have you ever made the Fat Head version of low-carb, grain-free pizza?
• What’s your favorite kind of dressing?  I’ve been loving ranch lately!

The Week in Fitness #71

Hey there friends!!  Happy Sunday!  Well, it’s not quite as happy a Sunday as normal for me since today marks the end of Spring Break… but, it just means I’m that much closer to the end of the semester, right?  ;)  Also, since I was on break all week I did GREAT with my workouts & got active each day, which feels AMAZING!  Ok, so let’s take a look & see what I was up to, shall we?


Monday 3.16.15

50/50 Circuit Workout – 3x’s (via Pinterest)


Tuesday 3.17.15

30 Minute [or less] Upper Body Circuit Workout – 3x’s (from Pinterest)


Wednesday 3.18.15

30 Minute “Killer” At-Home Cardio Workout – 2x’s  (via Pinterest)


Thursday 3.19.15

20 Minute Full Body Workout – 5x’s (via Pinterest)


Friday 3.20.15

Full Body Strength Circuit – 3x’s (via Pinterest)


Saturday 3.21.15

Circuit Training at Home – 3x’s (via Pinterest)


Sunday 3.22.15

Upper Body Strength Circuit – 3x’s (via Pinterest) Only takes about 20 mins -short & sweet!


Planning on a rest day tomorrow… rest days are important & Monday’s are usually busy for me anyway, so it’s perfect. :)

I got a lot of great circuit style workouts in this past week!!  I am STILL loving my Pinterest Workouts board for workout inspiration – free & fun!  It works great for me now since I find it difficult with my school schedule to attend regular fitness classes – plus, did I mention it’s free?!

Happy Sunday friends!!

•How did you get active this week?  
•Do you have a favorite Pinterest workout?

Frankenfood Friday #10: LiteHouse Ranch Dressing

Hello friends & happy Friday!!  It’s that time again… time were I crush your dreams put the spotlight on some foods that are less-than-optimal food choices.  These are items I like to call Frankenfood – aka not REAL food, but sometimes these “foods” tend to fly under the health halo radar & we think they might be healthy, but in reality… they are not.


Today’s feature item is one I came across in Target yesterday… I was scanning the dressings in hopes of possibly having success & finding one that had clean ingredients, but alas… the mission was a fail.  BUT, I did come across today’s item – LiteHouse Homestyle Ranch Dressing!


It looks like it would be good & tasty… until I got a glimpse of that “Made with Healthy Canola Oil” label on the bottom.  I beg to differ with that statement.  Canola oil is a genetically engineered product (approx. 90% of US canola oil is GMO) that comes from the rapeseed.  If you’ve ever watched a video on how it’s produced – it’s VERY over-processed & unnatural.  Plus, canola oil is very unstable & can easily go rancid, becoming oxidized.  I’m sure you’re probably aware, but consuming oxidized, or rancid, oils can be very damaging to your body, making an environment for free-radicals & free-radical damage to your cells.


I’ll admit, most of the other ingredients aren’t as bad, but that CANOLA OIL… that main ingredient alone, is why I would not purchase this item.  Many of the other ingredients are emulsifiers & thickeners, as well as some of the obvious, egg yolk, milk, etc.  This dressing also contains CARRAGEENAN, in two places: as plain ‘ol carrageenan, & as CARRAGEENAN GUM.  These are thickeners & emulsifiers, but the problem with carrageenan is that it’s being shown to cause digestive issues, gut irritation, inflammation, & even possibly cancer.

I’d say that the high content of canola oil & carrageenan in this product would warrant this dressing Frankenfood.


So what can you do if you’re a ranch dressing lover & can’t find any good, clean REAL food ones in the store?  You can always make your own!  Here are a few recipes:

• Have you ever made your own mayo or dressing?
• What food would you like to see featured next week?

Product Review: CoQ10

Today’s topic is all about an important part of all cells in the body… CoQ10, or otherwise known as ubiquinone.  If you’re not familiar with this very important cellular component I’ll give you a little overview…

CoQ10 is a substance found in your body cells where it helps in the body’s mitochondrial energy production, cell growth, & maintenance.  CoQ10 is made naturally by the body & can act as an antioxidant as well, protecting the body from free-radical damage.  Not only does your body make this amazing substance, but it’s also found in small amounts in some of your favorite foods (& some not-so-favorite), such as: peanuts, beef, sardines, mackerel, kidney, liver, & other organ meats.  ;)

Sometimes our bodies can’t get enough CoQ10 from our diet, or maybe we’re taking a statin drug… those drugs are known to inhibit & reduce CoQ10, so it’s important to supplement when taking a statin drug.


Easy to swallow gel capsules

Some studies are showing that CoQ10 may be beneficial for heart health, treatment of high blood pressure, exercise recovery, boosting energy, aging, and a long list of many other things, which you can see HERE.

In other words, making sure you have adequate levels of CoQ10 in your body is very beneficial & important for cellular function.  I am currently taking a 100mg CoQ10 supplement made by Protocol for Life Balance, thanks to the generosity of CamFormulas. The kind people at CamFormulas reached out to me & offered to let me review one of their products – & this is what I chose.


Available at (CoQ10 100mg, 90ct by Protocol for Life Balance)

I chose this CoQ10 because I feel like it’s a reputable brand, a good dose/mg amount, & I was excited to see if I could boost my energy & aid my mitochondria in their fat burning, especially since I am in ketosis.  I’ve seen CoQ10 recommended as a beneficial supplement to take for people on ketogenic diets, so that interested me, as well as boosting my overall health.

I was always told by my former boss at the nutrition store that CoQ10 was what would help you when you got that out of breath feeling at the top of the stairs – he said that when you were on a good CoQ10 supplement that feeling would go away.

Well, I can honestly say that I do feel energetic & do not have a horrible out of breath feeling at the top of the stairs.  Is that attributed to this supplement?  I can’t honestly say for certain, but I do think it’s helping with my energy.  One thing I notice is that it’s best to take it earlier in the day… I feel that taking it too late in the day is too energizing & could make it difficult to sleep.  I know I’m still losing fat, so I’m assuming taking this CoQ10 can only be giving my busy little cellular mitochondria fat-burning factory an extra hand.  ;)

If you’re looking to add a good quality CoQ10 supplement to your diet, be sure to check out the people over at CamFormulas, they’re great!!  Not only do they have a site packed with awesome supplements, but it’s also very user friendly & easy to find what you’re looking for.  I’m sure you’ll be amazed (as I was) at all of the options!  Also, I should mention that ordering was simple – & pretty speedy!!  My supplement arrived on my doorstep within days, which is nice because I’m always antsy to get something new!

Disclaimer: I was provided the above product in exchange for this review.  As always, all opinions & views are completely my own.  

Have you ever taken a CoQ10 supplement before?