Peek at My Plate

Hello, foodie friends!!  It’s me – I’m baaaaack!!  I felt like talking about food a bit this morning, so thought I’d pop in for a bit of Peek at My Plate so you can check out some of the keto eats I’ve been enjoying.


These are my eats from yesterday (Tuesday)… If you’re new to the blog, I follow a mainly paleo/primal, aka REAL food, low-carb & ketogenic approach to eating.  I enjoy it & it works well for ME – as always, you gotta do what works best for you! 😉


I enjoyed most of my favorites before heading to work for the day… 2 free-range local eggs with pastured butter over steamed broccoli, sauerkraut, local pastured bacon, & black coffee.


I have been LOVING darker coffee lately, specifically the French Roast… this one I got at Trader Joe’s last weekend is AWESOME!!!



Yesterday’s lunch was a salad composed of some fresh lettuce from my local farmer’s market, 2 hard-boiled free-range eggs, avocado, sliced almonds, & some homemade ranch dressing.  Yum!!



After being at work until later in the evening (7pm), I tend to get a bit hungry on the drive home… so, I pull out my favorite little snack – macadamia nuts!!



When I got home I fed the dog, then got to making some dinner (while snacking on a few leftover cheese curds).  I had a pizza craving, so instead of indulging in some crappy carbage from a local pizza joint, I got to work in the kitchen & MADE a low-carb friendly pizza using the Fathead pizza crust.  I topped the pizza with a bit of organic pasta sauce, organic mozzarella cheese, Applegate pepperoni, & some fresh mushrooms.  It definitely satisfied that craving & didn’t leave me feeling horrible after.


After dinner…

I enjoyed a small piece of the 3-ingredient Sugar-Free PB Fudge I’d made this weekend… a healthy way to have a bit of a “treat”, packed with healthy fats.


Well, there ya have it!  A whole day of keto/low-carb & REAL food eats!!  Hope it made you hungry.. or maybe gave you a few ideas for your next meal. 😉

Happy Wednesday friends!!

What are you hungry for right now?

To Blog, or Not to Blog…

Hey there, friends!!  Happy Monday!!  If you’ve been a loyal N.A.H. reader, then you know I’ve been at this blogging thing for just about 2-1/2 years.  I started my journey back to school to become a dietitian back in the summer of 2011 & then started this little blog in March of 2012 to help document my journey.


Fast forward to now, & I’m currently in the midst of my very LAST (online Food Science) class to finish my degree.  In August, I will officially have completed my undergraduate degree & will have a degree in Human Biology with an emphasis in Nutritional Sciences.

As some of you may know, I matched to my first choice of internship & I will be starting my dietetic internship with Priority Nutrition Care (distance internship out of Boston, MA) in mid September.

The question is… do I continue to blog, or do I call it quits?  It’s something I’ve been tossing around in my head lately.  Blogging takes a lot of time & effort, as well as costing a bit of money (for my domain name, etc).… not sure if I feel I have enough to say… or rather, if I have anything UNIQUE to say that isn’t already being said by some awesome bloggers, RDs, & REAL food advocates.

There are a TON of great blogs out there on low-carb, REAL food, & paleo/keto… I’m not sure my little blog would be missed much.  It’s ok, because I’m not here for numbers & follows – I’m here to educate, encourage, motivate, & promote REAL food, low-carb approaches, & a change in our food system (better animal welfare, sustainability, more REAL food).  

I’m not sure I’ll be able to share too much of my dietetic internship experience since I know a lot of it will be private, especially anything to do with patients.  I’ve realized that I can still educate & promote REAL food through my Facebook Page, Instagram, & Twitter.

Not sure if I love it as much as I used to... I started blogging because I loved it.  I need to figure out if I still do.

Not sure if I love it as much as I used to… I started blogging because I loved it. I need to figure out if I still do.

I’m still trying to decide want I want to do with this site… I’ll keep you guys posted, & thank you SO very much for those of you who are loyal readers & supporters!!  xoxo

The Week In Fitness #83

Hey there friends!!  Happy Sunday!  Hope you’re well on this very foggy morning… Welcome to another edition of The Week In Fitness, where I recap the past week’s workouts.  I really hope that this provides some inspiration/motivation.   Let’s get to it!


Monday 6.8.15

20 Minute Full Body Workout – 4x’s (via Pinterest)


Tuesday 6.9.15

Circuit Training at Home – 3x’s (via Pinterest)


Wednesday 6.10.15

Full Body Strength Workout – 3x’s (via Pinterest)


Thursday 6.11.15

55 minutes elliptical


Friday 6.12.15

Rest day

Saturday 6.13.15

Upper Body & Core Strength Circuit Workout – 3x’s (via Pinterest)


Sunday 6.14.15

No Nonsense Circuit – 3x’s (via Pinterest)


Workout summary: 6 workouts and 1 rest day.  1 day was straight cardio on the elliptical, 3 days working on strength with weights, & 2 days using body weight + cardio.  

My Pinterest Workouts board is great for workout inspiration – check it out!  

Remember, if you don’t start, you’ll never know how great you can be!! 😉

Happy Sunday friends!!

•How did you get active this week?  
•Do you have a favorite Pinterest workout?

Frankenfood Friday #22: thinkThin Bars

Hello friends & happy Friday!!  It’s that time again… time were I crush your dreams put the spotlight on some foods that are less-than-optimal food choices.  These are items I like to call Frankenfood – aka not REAL food, but sometimes these “foods” tend to fly under the health halo radar & we think they might be healthy, but in reality… they are not.


This week’s “food” item is the thinkThin Bar.  This is a bar that’s been out on the market for awhile now & is marketed as a high protein health/snack bar.  It’s also certified gluten free & popular among that population, as well as boasting 0g of sugar & a low GI.


Well, if it sounds too good to be true… it probably is.  I have to admit, it does sound pretty good… until you take a look at the ingredients & that’s when this bar shows its true colors.

IMG_1835 copy

Ok, so let’s break it down & take a look at the suspect ingredients that stand out to me… SOY PROTEIN ISOLATE, which is soy, so if you’re being a cautious consumer you’ll most likely want to avoid this for the potential estrogenic affects (more studies need to be done), as well as most likely being a GMO crop.  It’s also the isolated form, so not how it comes in nature, making it a bit more difficult for the body to recognize it as it would in its natural food-form.  Next, we have MALTITOL, which is a sugar alcohol & not the worst as long as you’re not sensitive to them (some can have a laxative effect), but the thing to note is that it’s in here more than once, which could be concerning.  Then, there is SOY LECITHIN, which is used as an emulsifier, but it’s soy…  NATURAL FLAVORS, which who knows what they are exactly… a number of “natural” items can fall under this blanket term.  COCOA SOY CRISPS are next on the list… yep, more soy.  Following that up is CANOLA OIL (rapeseed oil), which is a polyunsaturated fat & can be inflammatory & unstable, potentially contributing to inflammation & free-radicals in the body.  Then, more NATURAL FLAVORS again, followed by yet again, more SOY LECITHIN.

Hmm… if you ask me, this is not as great a bar as they make it out to be.  If you’re ok with soy & unidentified “natural” flavor ingredients, then by all means, have at it.  On the other hand, if you’re really concerned about what you’re putting into your body & are cautious with soy & the other additives… well, then there has got to be a better alternative.


As I stated in last week’s post, I think a good general rule to follow if you’re trying to find a bar or processed snack type item for emergencies or a treat here & there is to try & stick with 5 ingredients or less.  Be aware of the order the ingredients are listed (first is most plentiful) & watch out for sneaky sugars.

• Are you a ThinkThin Bar fan?  Do you have a suggestion for a better bar with limited ingredients, made of REAL food?
• What food would you like to see featured next week?

Peek in My Pantry #2

Hello, friends!  Are you ever curious about what things people keep in their pantry?  I always think it’s interesting to see what other people are eating, so why not see what ingredients & foods they have stored in their pantry?  I’ve done one of these posts in the past, but thought it’d be fun to do an updated one.  Besides, always fun to see what a REAL food/low-carb dietetics student has tucked away in there, right?


So, I invite you to be nosy & take a looksy into my very messy pantry… & discover some of my favorite pantry staples.

My messy pantry...

My messy pantry…

Ok, it’s a bit difficult to see what’s in there, so let’s take a bit of a closer look… We’ll go shelf by shelf, skipping the bottom one since there’s really only coconut milk, organic tomato sauce, onions, & fruit/vegetable cleaner.


Let’s see what’s on the first shelf… On the left side is where I keep all of my oils: coconut oil, both a heavy & a light tasting extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil spray, pink himalayan sea salt, balsamic vinegar, ghee, organic peanut butter, raw almond butter, roasted crunchy almond butter, coconut butter, grass-fed collagen, fish sauce, hot sauce, Pork Clouds (pork rinds), 90% dark chocolate, sardines, wild caught tuna, green tea, L-glutamine, a burger press, stevia glycerite sweeteners, Swerve, honey, & Just Like Sugar.

Shelf 2…


I keep most of my nuts, emergency bars, & a few baking ingredients on here… from left to right: Frank’s Red Hot, sea salt, pumpkin seeds, nutritional yeast, mini wine bottles (in the back – from my Dad), macadamia nuts, almonds (store these in glass jars), pecans, brazil nuts, molasses, unsweetened coconut flakes, Quest Bars (for low-carb treats), coconut sugar, stevia sweetened chocolate chips, Enjoy Life chocolate chips, coconut flour, cocoa powder, & silicone molds for making fun fat-bomb treats.

The top shelf of my pantry isn’t very exciting… it really only contains a box of glass bottles, my lunch bag & LunchBots containers, food processor, spiralizer, & a bottle of wine.

A few of my pantry staples that I’d recommend are these…

IMG_2028 9.49.48 PM

  • Crunchy Almond Butter (I LOVE Trader Joe’s brand!)
  • Coconut Oil
  • Wild Sardines
  • Roasted Almonds in Sea Salt
  • Macadamia Nuts (one of my favorites!)
  • Liquid Stevia (favorite natural sweetener for low-carb treats)
  • Red Boat Fish Sauce (great for stir-fries & adding that 5th taste – umami)
  • Sea Salt (a necessity to add to just about everything)

I hope I gave you a few ideas from my pantry… or at least satisfied your curiosity. 😉

What’s in YOUR pantry & what are your pantry staples/necessities?