Holiday Survival Tips

Good morning!  Since we’re into December & quickly approaching the x-mas & New Year’s holidays, it’s important to enjoy yourself & family, but still not lose focus of all of your healthy goals.

It’s said most people pack on the most weight between Thanksgiving & the New Years holidays & rarely end up getting those gained pounds back off.  So if you’re struggling & looking to still enjoy yourself, but keep on the healthier side, I do have a few little tips for you.

  1. Stay hydrated.  Drinking water is not only good for you, but it helps you feel fuller.  Drinking a few glasses of water before a meal may make you feel a bit fuller & not eat as much when you go out for a meal or to a party.
  2. Try to keep portions small & have a small taste of what you REALLY want, filling your plate with more healthy choices & just “tastes” of the really sweet stuff.
  3. Be sure to get your workout in.  Working out before a meal usually makes me less hungry, plus it’ll burn lots of calories!
  4. If you plan on indulging more this holiday season, try to counter-act that by working out a few extra minutes, taking the stairs, or parking at the back of the lot.  It all adds up & will help you burn more calories.
  5. Make a workout plan.  This can keep you accountable & on schedule.  If you plan & schedule a workout, you’re less likely to ditch it.

If these tips aren’t quite enough to help you (& your waistline) survive the holidays, there are sooo many challenges for the month of December floating around the web!  You can still join up in one of these & have others to help motivate you & keep you accountable!

Some of online challenges are:

Janetha’s Dedicated December challenge over on her blog, Meals & Moves (I’m participating in this one).

Taken from Janetha’s site: “dedicated december is a challenge for you to stay active during the month of december. you will get one point/entry for EVERY workout you complete!”  

She is then planning on drawing a name & giving out a prize each week.  Cool!


Elf for Health with Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean & Elle from NutritionElla.

This is a challenge to encourage healthy habits throughout the holidays & pairs you up with another person participating, or an “elf”.  Click on the above pic to find out more!


Katie over at HealthyDivaEats is hosting a December challenge as well, called Dominate in December.

Taken from Katie’s website: “This challenge is not all just fitness related, it is related to ALL things that I believe are part of a healthy lifestyle.”  Click on the above pic to go to her site to find out more!

Besides all of the fitness challenges, there is also an Instagram photo challenge for December called #HolidayADay, which is hosted by Abby at Back at Square Zero, & a few others (I’m participating in this challenge, it’s fun!).

So if you’re looking for a fun challenge to take pics & be festive, then this is it!  Each day has a certain word or theme (see above).  Click on the image for more info!

Well, I hope that these tips & challenges can help you survive the holidays!  Just remember  you can do anything you put your mind to!  🙂

Karey would like to know…
How do you plan to stay on track through the holiday season?

4 thoughts on “Holiday Survival Tips

  1. YOU ROCK! Thanks for adding and promoting my challenge on your lovely blog girl! The other challenges rock too!

    You know how I am keeping on track, just living each day to the fullest as always! <3

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