Holiday Gift Guide

Do you have a foodie and/or healthy girl on your gift list this year?  Don’t you just hate racking your brain trying to come up with a fun & hip gift idea?  Well, no fear, I’m here to give you some suggestions & things that I’d love & I’m sure they will too!

1. Warm or Cool Set of Face Mugs – $35 (

I absolutely just love these face mugs!  They’re neat because you can put food in the bottom to enjoy with your coffee, cocoa, or tea.  Nifty.

2.  The Nike Fuel Band – $149 (

These bands look really neat for the sporty/techie girl.  They track your daily activity, including sports. It tracks each step taken & the calories burned. It also acts like a watch.

3.  Pancake Plates – Set of Two – $50 (

Love these!  I think these are a wonderful idea since they have a little dip/well on the one side to keep your syrup separate from the pancakes so they don’t get soggy.  Brilliant!

4. “10 more reps & the cupcake is history” tank – $22 (bashfulbliss)

Love this tank, super cute!  Plus, what foodie girl doesn’t love cupcakes?!  Very cute tank to workout in with style.

5. Mocubo by Quirky (bamboo cutting board w/prep drawers under) – $39.99 (fab)

One of the neatest cutting boards I’ve seen.  Nice way to stay organized or even serve appetizers & put crackers in the drawers.  Perfect of the foodie hostess or cook.

6.  Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters (available at most Target stores)

These would be a fun spin on traditional cookie cutters for the baker in your life.

7. “Pretty Strong” tank – $22 (bashfulbliss)

Another cute tank.  Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  😉

8.  Women’s Adidas So Fresh Jacket – $50 (

This track jacket is really cute!  Perfect for the runner or fit girl in your life.

9. Vanilla Espresso Almond Butter – $9 (

I think this flavor sounds fantastic & I’m sure most of the nut butter lovers on your list would love it too!  I have yet to try this brand, but I really want to, sounds delish!!

10.  Minnie Sparkle Aqua No-Slip Headband – $12 (

These are perfect for the sporty girl or runner in your life… soft & grippy to keep the hair out of the face where it belongs.  Plus, they’re pretty & come in all different patterns & colors!  They also donate a part of their proceeds each month to charity!  Can’t beat that!


Well, that makes 10 items that I know I’d love, so hopefully I’ve given you some ideas on what to get that foodie/fit chick on your holiday shopping list.

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